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About Us

Our community’s goal is raising women’s own financial education and confidence, particularly for young women.

We believe that with having more knowledge and understanding financial issues, women around Israel will allow themselves to manage financial issues truly, whether those issues are day to day or long term ones such as investments opportunities.

Our vision is to enable our participants to gain theoretical and practical financial knowledge as a small group of female students. This way, the group will be open for mutual consultation, support from knowledgeable lecturers and each other, which will help them improve and become more financially independent women. 

The participants in our community will go through a one semester course that will deal with different domains in the financial world, including a basic understanding and a basis for deepening for each topic.

As our community grows, we plan on establishing an alumni community that will be a safe place for mutual help, consultations and learning for our alumni over the years.


Course Domains

  • Daily financial management- bank accounts, credit cards and everything between.

  • Real-estate market- where do we begin, feasibility, mortgage.

  • Capital market- things we must know as first time investors, including practical experience.

  • And more...

Meet The Team

Shay Tamam.png

Shay Tamam

  • LinkedIn

Co-Founder & Co-CEO


Denisse Weinstein

  • LinkedIn

Marketing Manager

Neta Shapira.jpg

Neta Shapira

  • LinkedIn

Co-Founder & Co-CEO


Want to join us? 
Registration for our first cohort starts on 4/9/22!

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