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The "Biomed-Tech" community is the first of its kind in the Department of Biomedical Engineering. Our community is a community of students who are interested in entrepreneurship and innovation in the biomedical world. The community allows meetings of students from different fields and especially of biomedical engineering students from different years. The community combines lectures by industry representatives, the annual conceptual "Hckaton" for the biomed-tech community and entrepreneurship workshops led by the "Yazamut 360" Entrepreneurship Center at Ben Gurion University. In addition, the community allows students to encounter the business world of BiomedTech and combine them during the academic schedule.

Meet The Team

Shani Arusi.jpeg

Shani Arusi

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Yuval Kaplan berechya .jpeg

Yuval Kaplan-Berchya

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Roni Bercovich.jpeg

Roni Bercovich

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