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About Yazamut360


Our Vision

YAZAMUT360  is a synonym for Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Israel and internationally


Our Mission

Make a sustainable impact on the BGU culture and mindset by creating new experiences for BGU students, researchers and staff, to enrich their Entrepreneurship and Innovation skills. 

About Us

Times are changing, and we are here to change the vibe on campus and prepare the students for the day they graduate. Today, the university needs to be innovative and cutting-edge not only in research but also in the educational experience it offers.   

Times are changing. The Israeli Council of Higher Education has realized that and launched a new program called “The New Campus”.

Entrepreneurship is a set of skills we must acquire and use in today’s world. This does not necessarily mean that we are all suddenly expected to launch a start-up company of some kind.

Rather, it means that in today’s fast-paced and challenging times, many of us are required to adjust to changes, to re-invent our talents, and to be quick in using the technology around us.

Our goal in forming Yazamut 360° is first and foremost to offer our students, researchers, and staff a new educational experience.

This form of learning offers them new skills and prepares our students for the day they graduate and show their CVs to potential employers.

We're Here for You

​See all these awesome people behind Yazamut 360°?
Each and every one of us is here for you, only a form away :-)

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